fluxitecture – interactive flux visualization

Fluxitecture is a three dimensional virtual installation which takes to task the visualization of human motion, generating representations of spatial memory. Concept design and software development were completed with Başar Önal, Merve Çaylı.

The architecture of the building is reconstructed using a matrix of building blocks and Sabancı University library was used as an example. Although the project’s intention was to install motion tracking cameras in the building, instead, artificial bots moves inside the virtual building to create motion flux. Blocks vertically evolve  in the building according to the motion path and its color change depending on the time of the motion. Project was presented at ISEA2009 (Belfast, North Ireland) and F.A.q: Perguntas Sobre Arte, Consciência e Tecnologia symposium, 2006  (São Paulo, Brasil), and was developed using C++ and openGL.